TG TECHNOLOGY has more than 10 years of experience in the tagging industry. We provide wide ranges of tagging solutions. Our Software solutions can handle the connection between your physical TAG - ID and an ERP system such as SAP, TeamCenter, SharePoint or any other systems that can be interfaced. We can supply our customers with their own interface and visual layout, tailored to your needs.

TAG labeling is often the last part of a long process. Therefore, we know that it is always urgent for our customers to get their TAGS.  Our delivery time is 3 to 5 days on our regular range, but we are also prompt on tasks which are not standard and can stock them subsequently.

At TG we laser engrave and laser cut signs in 316 steel, anodized aluminum, and plastics. You can always get a tag sign that fits your needs.
Furthermore, we deliver the product in a manner that makes the final installation easy as well: Often we deliver number series as sequential belts, which makes it easy and manageable. Our machines can handle engraving of 3Dmatrix codes, bar codes and of course text and numbers.

TG Technology is your preferred partner when it comes to tagging, advising and customized services.
We deliver on time and within the agreed budget. Always.

As an engineer I have participated in several projects in the pharmaceutical industry with structure and validation of factories. 
I have successfully used TG Technology to TAG-marking of components and instruments. The environment in each factory is very different and typically aggressive when it comes to acid, alkali and heat. That is why I have chosen laser engraved signs in acid-proof steel. 
They are very resistant and even after several years, the text is clear to read. 
TG Technology delivers at the arranged time, are very flexible and competitive on price. And more important: Deadlines are always respected.
— Søren Leick, Independent machine engineer