ERP Apps

The App connects a physical TAG, containing a RFID chip, a QR code, a barcode, or a number, with your ERP system.

A unique TAG is mounted directly on the part, and registered in the ERP system. Our software makes the connection, in order to have a secure, correct and accesible data exchange, between location and administration.

Once the system is running, the App will have access to documentation, certificates, etc., and you can perform inspections, task administration and reporting.

The App works online, for instant data exchange, and offline, for synchronisation when possible.

This will give you access to updated information about the part, on location as well as in the administration.

The Backend of our App is build on the Reference Designation System (RDS) in accordance with the ISO/IEC 81346 standard.

The Design

The app is designed so that the user, with few icons and maximum 3 clicks, is easily underway.

Emphasis is placed on the visual, in the form of simple picturesque icons for quick reading and understanding.

The user is guided through the course, and do not need to type large amounts of information into the sytem.

The app has log and history functions, as well as optional GPS location on the individual TAG.

White label

The app can be delivered as a standard setup, but in most cases it becomes a customized interface that matches your visual identity across platforms - what we call White Label.

We examine and evaluate each task individually, to ensure optimal integration and implementation, tailored to your specific needs.

ERP systems

The app synchronized with your ERP system: for example SAP, Teamcenter, SharePoint, or any other accessible system.