ERP Apps

This is how it works:

  1. We tag any number of items with an individual ID. This ID can be RFID tags combined with a physical labeling, QR, a written number, barcode etc.
  2. We provide your staff with a versatile app for finding, tracking, information and reporting.
  3. The app is real time synchronized with your ERP system such as SAP, TeamCenter, SharePoint or any other systems that can be interfaced.
  4. The system is useable in almost any business, such as transportation, hospitals, offshore, windpower, pharma, farming etc.

TG TECHNOLOGY offers a software solution that connects physical TAG-IDs and ERP-systems. Our software ensures accurate and convenient data exchanges between field operations and administration.
We supply our customers with a tailored interface and branded visual layout across both desktop and mobile versions of the software. We research, evaluate and execute each of our project tasks individually to ensure a state of the art service implementation that is suited to our customer’s needs. TG Technology has more than 10 years of experience in the tagging industry and digitisation.

Whitelabel – We'll redesign the app to match your corporate identity