TG Technology has developed an exceptional product when it comes to Pipe Marking.

It covers a stainless steel support device, sea-proof aluminum holder and the extremely robust VEKAPLAN plastic with 5% UV filter which is further protected by a plastic screen.

A solution that holds properties like,

·       color protection

·       chemical resistance

·       shock & scratchproof

This is a one time investment

Download info sheet [PDF]

Pipe Marking

Thermo Print

For a smoother, but slightly less resistant solution, we can provide Thermo Print with text, barcodes, QR codes etc.

Ideal for warehouse and pipe markings.

Height: 24, 40 and 101.6 centimers. | Length (width): 5 cm - 5000 cm.

Colours: Red, White, Green, Blue and bright Yellow. 

Material: Acrylic.

Temperatures: -40° - +90° C.

Resistant to: Water, Alchohol, Oil and Lubricants.