Stainless rating signs (AISI316) are used to label cables and pipes in areas with environmental, mechanical and chemical loads. This can be offshore- and petrochemical industries, shipbuilding, collective traffic or for signs to withstand all kinds of weather.

TG now offers the opportunity to deliver signs with either embossed text or laser engraved text.
The embossed text is particularly suitable for markups, where visibility is required. Even after defacement.

The technology is portable, which enables TG to offer rental of costly equipment and if necessary manpower to do the job for you.
Companies that do not have the flow of this sort of cable marking - but can realize investments of new equipment - now have the opportunity to use this marking technology.

Another option is laser engravedcable markings. This technique offers highly legible text engravings which makes it easier for the installer or operator to do their job. This technique also allows for barcodes with 2D datamatrix instalments and multiple text line and symbol additions.